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9.5mm & 16mm FILM TRANSFERS

Our 9.5 & 16mm Film Transfers include all of the services listed below in the price of the transfer

 Full Professional Digital Transfer of all Cine Film
 FREE Repair and Cleaning of your films
 Professional Video Editing removing all leader and
   blank sections of film
 FREE Background Music
 FREE Transfer of Original Sound Track (if applicable)
 FREE Titles of your choice
 Professional Video File Encoding of DVD Files
   ensuring best picture quality
 DVD Motion Menu Creation & Menu Music
 DVD Chapter Points within the menu
 Professional DVD Discs Only
 ON Disc Colour Printing
 Colour printed DVD Cover
 Professional DVD Case
  We offer a totally bespoke service as you can see from  the items included in our service. Each transfer is  unique and special to our customers and that is why our prices always reflect our service.

We do not just  transfer your film as it is and burn it on a disc. It is treated with care and produced the same way as any other professional or broadcast production we undertake.

All work is carried out by ourselves in our own transfer studio. We do not contract out to any third  party and are a professional company we over 25 years film transfer experience.  

Additional Copies of your order are available at any time and are professionally packaged just like the originals as described above.
So please contact us with your cine film requirements at cineinfo@transfilm.tv or give us a call and we will
  get back to you with the details and a price for your order.

    Transfilm UK May 2016