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Cine Film transferred to DVD is a speciality of Transfilm UK backed by over 25 years of experience in this field.

Our Cine Film transfer work has been broadcast by ITV in their nostalgic look back in time programme  "The Way We Were" and also used in various BBC, ITV and Channnel 4 programmes. We have also recently completed a range of archive transfers for a series of Museum Exhibitions dating back to 1905. We have also just recently restored and transferred a newly found film of Morecambe and Wise, never seen before.

All films are digitally transferred and fully computerised.   We can transfer, Standard 8mm,  Super 8mm, Super 8mm Sound, 9.5mm and 16mm Silent & Sound of any age and  any quality, with professional editing and Free Titles and Free Background Music to transform your old cine film     into a professional TV style programme.

Transferring your films to DVD offers you the choice of Menus and Chapter Points. Any breaks or bad edits will be repaired FREE OF CHARGE and the editing out of blank or poor parts of your films will also be done FREE OF CHARGE.

If you are wanting to archive your films or hand them down to future generations then a DVD is the perfect choice or we can transfer your films and encode them into various formats for hard drive storage or if you would like to edit the films yourself on your own PC or Mac then we can make you sets  of edit ready files from your original films.

We can also encode your films to various video file formats   to put on a USB memory stick or upload them onto dropbox so they can be downloaded from anywhere in the world.

Transfilm UK understand and respect that your films are very precious and impossible to replace. That is why we take greatest of care with your films while they are in our possession and offer Various Safe Delivery Options back to you. You can send your orders to us via post, courier or better still just call us to make an appointment to come and see us and drop them in personally. We will keep in contact with you every step of the way regarding the progress of your  order so you never has any cause to worry. Once the order  has been completed all your films and finished goods will be returned back to you.

Our customer reviews opposite are just a small selection of  the many happy customers we have. We believe in making your cine film transfer memorable and something you will treasure. So please contact us today and let us turn your films into a fantastic selection of precious memories for years to come.

Please click on the related Cine Film Transfers Link, top left,  for a full breakdown of the services offered. For further information please email us using the link below or call us on (01642) 343478 we look forward to hearing from you.

For more information click on our Cine Email Link:

Transfilm UK 18/2/2015



Gave as a gift today, he is over the moon,
Absolutely Spectacular....
J.L.Walton - Cambridge
Having played through the wedding DVD I am really pleased though a few tissues were required.
This package is really above and beyond anything I hoped for. I can only say thanks again, I will recommend you to anyone who needs a similar service. Great service and personal treatment, what more could I ask.

Mr.B.Leggett - Coventry

So pleased with the results, much, much more than I ever expected, totally delighted.      Mr K.Haswell - Birmingham

Superb quality, can't believe how good they look. Brought back very precious memories. Fantastic service from a professional company.   Mr.B.Powell - Surrey

I did not think my films could look as good as they do after such a long time in the attic. Great service and I can't stop watching my DVDs of my husband and I from so many years ago. Thank you so very much.                          Mrs.E.Cassidy - Devon  

I am so pleased with the final results of the film transfer. To see all the members of my family again after all these years brought me tears of joy.     Thank you.                                 
Mrs.M.Fox - Glasgow