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Video to DVD Transfers look to preserve your precious memories for years to come using professional transfer equipment and processors. This gives you the best possible transfer we can achieve.

There are many types of tapes we can transfer first there are VHS, Betamax, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV and U-Matic in PAL or NTSC,

Next comes Full Size Digital Tapes which include Full Size DV Tapes and DVCAM Tapes.

Finally there are Memory Cards and USB Drives. These include microSD & SD Cards, Memory Stick Pro Duo and USB Flashdrives / Memory Sticks, not forgetting Mobile Phone and Tablet Videos.


A choice of output options are available.

All video footage can be transferred to a DVD, Video Encoding to a USB stick in various formats including QuickTime (.mov), AVI, MP4, .dv or ProRes formats plus many others.

We can also encode your tapes to editing formats for Mac or PC so just let us know your requirements and we can advise you on the best way forward.


This is a direct copy from your video tapes onto DVD via our video processors. We can record up to a maximum of two hours of video onto a single DVD disc. This will maintain the quality and not over compress the video footage. Automatic chapter points are inserted and there is a main fixed menu at the beginning of your DVD programme.

We offer a free service of going through your tapes and finding the duration of each one. From there we can work out how many DVDs you would need to transfer your videos. We would then inform you of the cost and if your happy with the cost then we will proceed and if not then no problem the tapes are simply returned back to you.

We will where ever possible record your videos in date order or an order requested by you. Each DVD is fully printed in colour with the discs content and this is also  replicated on the DVD cover and placed in a professional DVD case so you can create your own library of video memories.

Please just Contact us by telephone or email and let us give you your personal quote today.


The second option is to have your tapes transferred and produced into a full professional DVD, HD/SD Editing files, Apple or PC ready files or Web Ready Content.

This transfer includes digital capture of your video footage, a full edit removing all blank or unwanted footage, professional file encoding, full DVD Menu creation with personally selected chapter points with titles and background music.

As with all our transfers to DVD we only use professional DVD discs as we only use professional stock. All discs are printed and titled and placed in a professional DVD Case with a printed DVD Cover for both of our services.

If your not sure of which option you require please just contact us and we will be happy to go through the most suitable options for your transfer with you.

Our professional Video Transfer service is a totally bespoke service and is priced accordingly once all your personal requirements have been taken into account.

For your personal quote just click on the email address below or call us on 01642 343478 and provide us with the details of  your order and we will get back to you with the details and cost.

Please note we do not transfer copyrighted material or adult material. Any tapes of this nature will be returned without transfer.

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